At Holthouse Farms we believe in taking a proactive approach to food safety and security in order to prevent any issues long before they arise. In order to meet the ever changing challenges presented by the fresh produce industry Holthouse Farms has developed a comprehensive food safety program to ensure that all measures are taken to provide the highest quality product to our consumers.

Food Safety:

For years Holthouse Farms has been certified under a third party GMP (good manufacturing practices) and GAP (good agricultural practices) audits and maintained a comprehensive in house food safety program. However, with the growing concerns over food safety in recent years the company made a decision to bring the food safety program to a new level. In February 2012 Holthouse Farms hired a dedicated Food Safety Manager to take the company from GMP audits to the new GFSI (global food safety initiative) audit. As of August 2012 Holthouse Farms is certified under the GFSI standard.


Holthouse Farms utilizes State of the art technology to trace product from the field to the consumer. Every product shipped from the facility can be traced back in literally minutes. A comprehensive bar-coding system is employed on every pallet to ensure product can be traced all the way back to the field in came from.

Below you can download our current audit certificates. For more detailed audit information please contact us.
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