The History Of Holthouse Farms:

Holthouse Farms is a family owned vegetable farm, located in north central Ohio, that has been producing high quality produce for over 100 years. In 1870 Jan Holthuis was born in the Netherlands; 19 years later he would leave his homeland and set up residence in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and eventually settle in a tiny village about 50 miles south of Sandusky, Ohio, called Celeryville. He and his two sons, Rudy and Jacob, established what would become Holthouse Farms in 1903. Jan later settled in the nearby town of Tiffin, leaving the farming to his sons. They continued to work and grow the business, and later shared it with their sons. Rudy’s boys Jordon, Stanton and Mark and Jacobs’ son Wayne all worked together for several years. When Rudy and Jacob retired the business split up. Wayne split apart from the group and started his own farm, while Rudy’s boys stayed together to carry on the name of Holthouse farms.

Jordon, Stanton and Mark

would continue to work and grow the business for years, taking it from a small family farm and steadily increasing the size and scope of the operation, a tradition that they in turn passed on to the next generation. Today the farm is run by Jordon’s sons, Ken and Steve, and Stanton’s sons, Kirk and Kevin. They, like their fathers, continue to grow the business, distributing produce both locally and to many major cities east of the Mississippi River. To help accommodate the expanding business they purchased Doug Walcher Farms in 2003, an operation that specializes in green bell peppers, cucumbers, summer squash, eggplant, winter squash and fall ornamentals. With the addition of Walcher Farms, Holthouse Farms was able to offer the wet produce (lettuce, green onions, parsley, radishes, ect.) they’d been specializing in for years as well as a variety of new products their customers were asking for, making them a ‘one stop shop’ for many of their customers and continuing the growth that had characterized the company from it's beginnings.
Besides growth, the other thing that has characterized Holthouse Farms is the idea of “sustainability.” In recent years that word has been brought to the forefront of the public’s mind, but for Holthouse Farms it has been an intrinsic part of the business from the beginning.
“We’ve been caretakers of the land for over a 100 years. We’ve
always know that we have to take care of the land if we expect it to take care of us.” 
-Ken Holthouse 
To that end Holthouse Farms recognizes the importance of local markets for local growers. Produce harvested in the morning, processed and shipped by that evening will likely be on the shelf within 24 hours of leaving the field. The local consumers have the benefit of a better tasting and fresher product, lower cost and environmental impact resulting from shorter “food miles,” longer shelf life, and on top of all that Ohio’s economy sees benefits by keeping the money close to home.
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